Mentoring of New & Exiting Members

In the Province of Suffolk we are committed to ensuring that both our new and existing members are offered every support throughout their Masonic journey to ensure that they have a better understanding of Freemasonry so that their membership of our fraternity is enjoyed to the full.

This support comes in the form of Masonic Mentoring which was formally recognised and introduced across our Province in 2010. Lodges have now appointed a Lodge Mentor whose specific role is to ensure that appropriate support within each Lodge is in place so that the new Mason integrates into his Lodge as seamlessly as possible. Therein he is given guidance not only in the principles of Freemasonry but also in the interpretation of the symbolism which forms such an integral part of our Masonic ceremonies.

Perhaps the most common question asked by those who express an interest in joining Freemasonry is “what is Freemasonry”? The most definitive explanation I can offer is to quote the District Grand Master of East Africa, Right Worshipful Brother Dr. Virendra Talwar when speaking to the press at the 9th. Freemasons Conference of the District Grand Lodge of East Africa when he said:-

“Freemasonry offers its members an approach to life which seeks to reinforce thoughtfulness for others, kindness in the community, honesty in business, courtesy in Society and fairness in all things. Freemasonry also teaches and practices concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need.”

Those who are interested in joining Freemasonry and can relate with this explanation can be assured that, with our Mentoring initiative in place, every effort will be made to ensure that their membership of our fraternity becomes both a valuable and, most importantly, an enjoyable personal experience.

Please contact Dean Willingham, Provincial Mentor for more details about Mentoring in Suffolk, via the Contact form.

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