Welcome from the Provincial Orator

As your new Provincial Orator I would like to share my plans with you. First, my thanks for the support shown to me by my predecessor W.Bro.Trevor White. The firm foundations he laid for a new and unfamiliar role cannot be over estimated. Thankfully he has agreed to continue to present papers and above all stimulate discussions. Which brings me to the future of the Orator’s scheme in Suffolk.

How often have you heard “Pity, we have no ceremony so we’ll have to listen to a lecture”? Well hopefully no more! Lectures, when presented in an entertaining fashion, can not only educate (“Well, after 25 years in the Craft I never knew that!”), but also stimulate discussion and debate. To that end I would invite Brethren of a like mind to join me. If you have a paper, or papers, that deserve a wider audience please let me know. Nothing too esoteric (better presented in the appended degrees) our aim is to educate but above all to entertain. No more than forty minutes with time for questions and observations, remember it’s a two way thing. Your paper need not be of necessity masonic. In recent years there has been thankfully some terrific papers presented on such diverse subjects as The First World War (now very topical) to bee keeping.

In the Craft there is always pressure for candidates for ceremonies. This could be easily alleviated if every Lodge were to set one meeting aside a year for a Lecture and hopefully discussion. Therefore I, and hopefully my small team, will be available to assist. Should you like to help in that role kindly forward a short synopsis of your paper(s) and availability. Remember, not too long, not esoteric, but above all entertaining! Then, by the New Year, I hopefully will be able to offer a choice of stimulating papers, with knowledgeable Brethren happy to present them (and there’s always the bonus of a free supper).

You will see that I have appended a selection of papers that I have prepared, and assure you that I will be available to visit any Lodge in our Province (or wherever) that requests same. However, in order for the Orators scheme to be both popular and entertaining it would be great if more Brethren were to come on board. To date I have identified half a dozen likeminded Brethren who have prepared and are willing to travel for the benefit of Lodges.

So please, let me know if you would like to be part of this new initiative, and hopefully, by January, this page will host details of a number of talks and fellow Orators willing both to entertain, and who knows, even educate. As stated, watch this space!

Peter Thorogood

Phone: 01787 379050

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.